Collaboration with Arna Valsdóttir

The artistic relationship with Arna started as with Simon, Kana and Hrafn within the framework of the residencie at Fresh Winds. Working together with Arna has been a great experience, both from a personal and professional level. I have to say, that I admire her work and has been a source of influence in my progression as an artist. Icelandic artist, her work focuses on video and performance, is delicate and intimate and plays brilliantly with space. We are attracted to similar visual experiences and also we have many interests in common as the use of the space and the daily things sensitiveness.  We collaborated performing in the installation with one of her videos projected on and she performing. The main point of that performance was the intimacy. II learned with her the use of the delicate in the video-performance, to generate more intimacy in my installations. Her work inspired me to use more perspects than I usually used to generate more reflections and therefore more dreamlike spaces.

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