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1 Journey 1 Life

In this project, I worked with a limited number of images, all of them related to the journey and a vital life change. The photos are printed with a photocopy machine, as a metaphor of the banality and reproductivity, painted on top and finally, shot again with a DSLR camera, to become a new reproductive image again.

In this work, there is an interest to understand the unlimited transformation of memory and its plasticity. Bringing it from something almost sacred to its total banalization.

Memories in NP 3.jpg

Madrid-Valencia - Viaje en el Ave de Carlos Sebastia - 2012 - Photography 40cm x 40cm - Series of 3 – Inkjet Print on Hahnemühle paper (Photo Rag Matt FineArt, smooth 308 gsm, 100% Cotton, white

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