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The "Abandon" project is an intimist photographic work focused on the recovery of our forgotten memories to enrich the new experiences and cope with the present. The material impact of our experiences as a metaphor for the traces in our memory. I work with real places in deep decline without preparation or modification, in which I explore in spaces lived to remember, from today, with a hint of ontological guilt for those abandoned roads, already lost opportunities, reduced to nothing, that reminds us of the chosen ones that have brought us to this trail. In this period of self-knowledge, I invite others, among delicate nuances that acquire actual texture, to delve into their inner stories, in which every step shows that our future possibilities depend on them.

Captured spaces, now in disuse, which were transformed into a “place” full of identity and personal history, which remained in the unconscious memory and that with photography I try to recover. Traces of intimate and private places, animated before, where individual itineraries crossed and mixed in coexistence. And thus, our memory, since birth, is being linked with certain places that place in us a sense of belonging to geographical areas, individual nationalisms that define us.



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