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Identity understood as the solidification of an instant or state gives a sense of permanence, transcendence and stability. This model, when altered, enters into crisis. My work explores the topology of our ideas. Our mind generates spaces where the oneiric is mixed with the subjectification of reality, reproducing a new state of things. Assuming that change is a continuous state, my work investigates the role of forgetting as a distorting and creative element.

In this context, I use layers as a metaphor for the transformative process. Its transparency, by letting us glimpse part of the creative phase, acts as the trace of time does. These layers are formalized in paper, light or exposure times that I paste, copy, stack or erase, converting them into a single element that I later decompose again, thus generating a continuous course of work.


Carlos Sebastiá is an international artist currently residing in Valencia. He received a Fine Arts Degree from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain, he studied also at CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing) for one year, and moving finally to London for his MFA at UAL (University of Arts of London) which finished with distinctions.


His works have been exhibited in Spain, Portugal, France, USA, China, Austria, and the UK, in different festivals, art fairs or galleries, like most recently the Museum Angerlehner in Wels (Austria), or Imaginaria Photo Festival in Castellón (Spain.)


Sebastiá was selected in the International Festival of INCUBARTE and awarded by the Prize (Club Levante Special Award), also nominated to the BEST PHOTOGRAPHY at DALI INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL in China.


He has completed artist residencies in Iceland on the occasion of the Fresh Wind International Art Biennale, Austria, Spain, the United Kingdom and China.


Some of his works are in important private collections as for instance, DKV Collection is considered one of the best collections of young artists in Spain

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Training



2020 »           DEGREE IN ANTHROPOLOGY - UNED, Madrid (ES) - in progress 

2018 »           MASTER IN FINE ARTS - UAL, London (GB) - Distinction

2013 »           FINE ARTS DEGREE - UPV, Valencia (ES) - Distinction 



Collections, Awards and Collaborations


2021»            Work selected in the “La Rural” Award, Jaen (ES)

2020»            Currently Artworks in Foundation JJCC, Valencia (ES)             

                     Selected work “ Bienal M Isabel Comenge”, Las Atarazanas, Valencia (ES)                     

                     Pre-selected work for the “Lopez-Villaseñor” Award, Ciudad Real (ES)

2018 »           Currently Artworks in the Collection from UPV, Valencia (ES)

2015 »           Nomination Best Photography Dali International Photo Festival, Dali (CN)

2014 »           Chair in Art and Diseases, Fine Arts Faculty, UPV of Valencia (ES) in collaboration with CAFA Beijing, (CN)                         PROMOE scholarship, CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts), Beijing (CN)

2013 »           Currently Artworks in DKV Collection, Valencia (ES)             

                     Special Award - Club Diario Levante, Valencia (ES)





2021 »           Finalist Casa Velázquez, Madrid (ES) - sponsored by French Cultural Minister             

                     ISTANBUL Art Residency, Istanbul (TR)             

                     Art Diagonale, Wels (AU)             

                     FRESH WINDS International Art Biennale, Gardur (IS) - (Postponed 22)             

                     ONKAF Gallery, Residencia y Exposición - Nueva Delhi (IN)  (Postponed 22)

2020 »           QUARANTINE International Art Res, On-line (CN)             

                     Co-net Photo Res, Castellón (ES) - Coordinator

2019 »           Co-net Photo Res, Castellón (ES) - Coordinator

2018 »           TIAC & ICCI Residency (Jiao Tong University), Shanghai (CN)

                     FRESH WINDS International Art Biennale, Gardur (IS)             

                     First Floor Space Art Residency, London (GB)             

                     Co-net Photo Res, Castellón (ES) - Coordinator             

                     Art Diagonale, Wels (AU)

2017 »           CWND (Canary Wharf Group), London (GB) 

Art Fairs and Festivals


2021 »           ESTAMPA Art Fair, with Shiras Gallery, Madrid (ES)

2020 »           ABIERTO VALENCIA at Shiras Gallery, Valencia (ES)             

                     HEIM videoart festival & A!, Akureyri (IS) - (Postponed 22)        

2019 »           “5’ of Harmony” - NEW MEDIA FESTIVAL, Miami (US)

2018 »           DIGITAL MAKER COLLECTIVE Tate Modern London (GB)                            

                    “Beijing Walks” - IMAGINARIA PHOTO FESTIVAL, Castellón (ES)

2015 »           SUMMER ART NIGHT, TopRed Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing (CN)


2014 »           SLICK ATTITUDE Paris (FR), with Jiali Gallery, Beijing, (CN)

2012 »           HYBRIDA ART FESTIVAL, (art-sound concert), Las Naves, Valencia (ES)

                     INCUBARTE International Ferstival, Valencia (ES)             

                     4º SONS CREATIVOS Musica E Naturaleza (art-sound concert), Lugo (ES)


Major Solo Exhibitions


2017              BEIJING WALKS, Street Photo Installation, Rise Gallery, Croydon (London-UK)

2015              ABANDON AND BUILDING ENDEARMENT, INPUT: 10 years Spanish photography DALI

                     INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL, Dali, (China)

2015              ROSTROS, Confucius Institute at Octubre Centro Cultural, Valencia (Spain)

2014              ABANDON, Jiali Gallery, Beijing (China)

2013              ZAI HUI, Espacio 40 Gallery, Valencia (Spain)

2012              DAILY REFLECTIONS, City Hall Cultural Center of Onda, Castellón (Spain)

2011              IMPROVEMENTS, Nadir Gallery, Valencia (Spain)

                     INTRODUCTIONS 1, Nadir Gallery, Valencia (Spain)

2010              A SOLITUDE REFLECTION, Braulio II Gallery, Castellón (Spain)

                     FACES, Las Aulas, Council of Castellón (Spain)


Selected Group Exhibitions


2021 »           “The Other Side”, Shiras Gallery, Valencia (ES)

2020 »           “Isabel Comenge Biennial”, Valencia (ES)

                     “Selection from the gallery artists works”, Shiras Gallery, Valencia (ES)

2018 »           “Art Diagonale”, Museum Angerlehner: Museum Wels - Thalheim (AU)

                    “Capas”, IVAM (Valencia Institute of Modern Art), Valencia (ES)

                     collaborative video performance with Mar Juan, Panamá Díaz and Mario Montoya             

                    “Capas”, Morgue Gallery at UAL, London (GB)             

                     collaborative video performance installation with Mar Juan and Panamá Díaz             

                    “Xhibit 2018”, Bermondsey Project Space, London (GB)             

                    “Collecting Time”, Shanghai Art Gallery, Shanghai (CN)

2017 »           “With Each Passing Moment”, Rise Gallery, London (GB)

                    “One That Holds Everything”, The Crypt Gallery, London (GB)

                    “Life In A Shoe Box”, Back Room Gallery, London (GB)

2016 »           “Carlos Sebastiá”, Qingdao Art Museum, Qingdao (CN)

                    “Vis-À-Vis”, F.C.N. Art, Shanghai (CN)

                    “SHÍ CHĀ - Equation of Time”, Art-More Space, Beijing (CN)

2015 »           “Encounter”, CCD Show Room, Cao Chang Di Art District, Beijing (CN)

                    “Bierlosky”, Railowsky Photo Gallery, Valencia (ES)             

                    “Building Endearment”, See+ Gallery, Beijing (CN)                        

                    “Perspectives-Art, Liver Diseases And Me”, RMCC, Viena (AU)

2014 »           “Desmaterialización of Being”, Cervantes Institut Beijing (CN)             

                    “Artworks”, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (CN)

2013 »           “La Ciudad”, Espacio Gallery, Valencia (ES)

2010 »           “Dasyc Fundation” charity exhibition, Puchol Gallery, Valencia (ES)             

                    “Fundación Five” exposición benéfica, Madrid (ES)

2009 »           “Reflexiones sobre la Soledad” Aeon Logic Art Gallery, Nueva York (US)             

                     “Reflexiones sobre la Soledad” Geraldes da Silva Gallery, Oporto (PT) 

ICCI and TIAC Art Residency with Open Studio and Show - Shanghai (China)


Art Diagonale and Exhibition Museum Angerlehner - Wels (Austria)

Einladung ARTDIAGONALE 72 dpi.jpg
Einladung ARTDIAGONALE 72 dpi (2).jpg
Art Diagonale

Fresh Winds Art Biennale - Gardur (Iceland)

FW invitation 2018_HD.jpeg
Fresh Winds
Digital Maker Collective

IMAGINARIA PHOTO FESTIVAL, “BEIJING WALKS”, Castellón (Spain) - 30m public photo installation at Castellon Central Market (Spain)

Triptych from the Festival 2018 

Beijing walks Castellon4141.JPG

Antonio Gascó. Els trasters al sol de Beijing. Diario Mediterráneo 20 Mayo 2018.

Co-net - Imaginaria 2018

Xhibit at Art Bermondsey Project Space - London (UK)

Xhibit-Bermondsey Project Space Gallery.
IVAM 2018
capas Morgue
Rise Gallery
CWND Art Residency
Summer Art Night
Vis a Vis
Qindao Art Museum
Shi Cha
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