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video summary from the installation

some photos and frames from the installation

"Echoes" is an installation composed of projections, metal wire sculptures which are used as the base for screens, acrylics which create reflections, sound, and personal objects. 

I use oblivion, as inspiration, as an engine for reconstruction. My discourse revolves around the suggestive; it aims to be a springboard for the generation of individual stories.


This work seeks to generate in the viewer their own narrative process and therefore of appropriations of my souvenirs. I start from personal recollections, but without the linearity of a story, as it happens in memory. As far as possible, I try to deprive it of those elements that make them mine, afterwards my story is not necessary anymore, only its everydayness is essential. 


Therefore, it is not a work that talks about recollections but created from recollections.






I would like to thanks Rodrigo Uceda and Guillermo Campón for their invaluable help during the editing of the video and the audio respectively.

Pthographies and videos under the copyright of the artist Carlos Sebastiá







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