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The Evanescence of Everyday Life

Like the appearance of photography, it transformed our way of understanding memories and understanding our environment. During the last decade, the digitization of images and their massive and daily use through social networks has been an absolute turnaround that we have not yet seen in their entirety.

The project analyzes the role that digital systems of recording visual information play and their comparison or relationship with classic analogue models when it comes to understanding the limits between the real and the fictitious, between forgetting and the reconstruction of memories.

The proposal that I present uses images from journalistic archives, found images, images from the Internet, and my own digital and analogue archives about everyday life.

In its most pictorial part, the colour planes and lines bring us closer to a digital world through their blurs and textures, the empty spaces or the more monochromatic character of pure matter. The figurative references lead us to intimate spaces and everyday objects trying to generate the atmosphere that serves as the basis for decoding the works, bringing them closer to the viewer.

In a way, it is a poetic fight against the dematerialization of our daily lives using elements common to the collective consciousness.

pthographies under the copyright of the artist Carlos Sebastiá



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