Identity understood as the solidification of an instant or state that gives a feeling of permanence, transcendence and stability. This model, when modified, goes into crisis.

My work explores the topology of our ideas. Our mind generates spaces where the oniric is mixed with the subjectivation of reality, reproducing a new state of things. Assuming that change is a continuous process, my work investigates the role played by digital systems for recording visual information and their comparison and relationship with classical analogue models in the articulation structures of memories, social relationships and in conjunction with oblivion, as a distorting and creative element of objectification and identification processes.

In this context, I use layers as a metaphor for the transformative process. Its transparency, by allowing us to glimpse part of the creative phases, acts as the mark of time does. These layers are formalized in paper, light or exposure times that decompose and regenerate, in a continuous workflow.