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Thinking how our mind generates spaces where the dream is mixed with the subjectivization of reality, reproducing a new state of things. Carlos Sebastiá investigates different ways of representing the shapeless, blurry matter that is memory and the images we perceive.

He uses heterogeneous and in many cases opposing artistic resources to propose pictorial/photographic installations with non-linear, even absurd narratives. Narratives that make sense from an intimate personal look. He likes to bring geometries closer and combine them with lines of expressive drawings, complementary colours are common and the back and foreground are interrelated, breaking fixed positions, all seeking to stress the dialogues and generating vibration. 

Sebastiá's work has also a spiral tendency where the pieces represent snapshots of the work processes. The materials used, collages, acrylics, drawings and digitized photographic images are reused at different times, constantly moving from the physical to the digital in a continuous transformation process.

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